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Established 2019

About Us

Second Breakfast is a morning raiding guild on the Horde side of Mankrik (PvE).  We've been on Mankrik since Classics launch, evolving over the course of its duration from a casual, single-team guild to a competency-minded two-team structure, each with their own unique identity and goals.  We strongly value the social aspect of the game, seeking to recruit and maintain a close-knit community of competent raiders and friendly social players. In order to facilitate our large, diverse community, we offer two distinct raiding environments: a competent-core weekday morning team, and a semi-casual weekend morning team.  For a full rundown of our guild's history and how far we've come, head over to the "about-us" channel on our discord.

Raiding Schedule

Team Sunrise raids Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm server time (eastern).


We are in an open recruiting period heading into Cataclysm Classic and welcome outstanding applicants of all roles and specs, but have special interest in healers.

Team Sunrise defeats Algalon

Team Sunrise defeats Algalon the Observer on week five of Ulduar.

After a few weeks of practice in ten-player Ulduar, twenty-five members of team Sunrise came together the morning of February 15th, 2023 to earn themselves the Firefighter achievement by killing Mimiron on hard mode. The very next day, they ALSO earned themselves the Astral Walker title by defeating Algalon the Observer, a feat accomplished by only 7% of raid teams to date... in six pulls. This pre-nerf version of Ulduar has proven to be a challenge across the board, but a buffed version of Algalon was another hurdle entirely. With that hurdle now cleared, Sunrise has cemented themselves yet again as one of the most capable raiding teams in the world. Now, they set their sights on Yogg 0, Trial of the Grand Crusader, and the ultimate goal: defeating the Lich King.

Team Sunrise defeats Algalon