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Team Sunrise

Wednesday and Thursday, 10am - 1pm eastern


Team Sunrise is Second Breakfast's "competent-core" raiding team. Sunrise combines a relaxed raid environment with a focus on competency and execution enabling quick, clean kills.


Sunrise membership is expected to maintain above-average attendance and performance thresholds. Promotions into and demotions out of Sunrise are based on both of these factors, with a strong emphasis on attendance. Attendance Requirements  • Sunrise Raiders are required to maintain at least 75% attendance over a three-month period.  • No-showing a raid once will result in an immediate failure of the application period for applicants.  • Three no-shows within a three-month period will be an immediate removal from the team.  • Sunrise members that no-show will receive minimum loot priority during their next full week of raiding. Any gear that could be used for another player's main spec will not go to an individual that no-showed. Members of Sunrise are required to have a raid-ready alt in order to participate in Sunrise's split runs. These alts should consider optimal split-raiding composition when possible, meaning it may be prudent to have multiple raid-ready alts available if you have the opportunity and resources to do so. All Sunrise raiding characters are also required to dual-spec in order to provide flexibility in raiding roles. These dual-specs can be a simple swap between single-target and AoE from a DPS perspective, or an entirely different role, like a tank spec and a healing spec.


Members of Sunrise are expected to play the game with the enjoyment of themselves and their fellow raiders in mind. This includes coming to raid prepared with the knowledge of how to play your class and successfully fulfill your role in the raid, as well as the willingness to learn the fights and improve at executing their mechanics. Sunrise members are expected to give and receive constructive criticism in a polite and friendly manner. Yelling, name-calling, blame-shifting, and other unwarranted behavior will not be accepted. The goal of this team is to clear content while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable raiding atmosphere.

Loot System

Team Sunrise will use a modified Loot List system. The purpose of this type of loot system is to set expectations, speed up loot distribution, and remove loot-related drama. All loot and character information is tracked and updated on this website. All raiding characters start by assigning a value to each item from a raid tier, starting at 50 (then 49, 48, etc.). This process is completed once upon joining Sunrise, and is repeated for each raid tier when that tier is released. Once values have been assigned, they cannot be changed (do your research ahead of time). When an item drops, the master looter references the loot lists to determine which character has the highest value on an item. If that character is present, they are offered the item. If the character is not present, or chooses to pass on the item, the next character in line is offered the item until it is accepted. In the case of a tie, a roll-off occurs and the loser(s) gains a permanent +1 to their value for that item. A player that passes on an item also receives a permanent +1 to their value for that item. 10% of a character's raid attendance over the past twelve weeks is added to their item values (maximum attendance modifier of +10). Each time a character attends a raid where an item drops and does not receive that item, a small boost of +0.4 is added to their value for that item. Main characters receive 100% of an item's assigned value, whereas alt characters receive 90% of an item's assigned value. Thus, the formula for determining a character's value for a given item is: (Player-Assigned Value) + (Raids Without Acquiring Item * 0.4) + (Attendance Percentage * 0.1) The Master Loot List is hidden until your loot list has been approved. This is to prevent people "gaming" the system by assigning their loot values based on the values of others. You should order your list in the way that is best for you as an individual, and expect the system to do its job properly. Once loot values are assigned, they will never be changed, so take great care when constructing your lists. If you need assistance with the loot list creation process, contact a Sunrise Officer. The steps to create a loot list are as follows.  • Characters create an ordered list of all loot they would like to obtain. The higher the value, the better.  • Characters are given two item slots per value, starting at value 50 and decreasing by 1.  • Values are bracketed in groups of three. Each bracket may only contain one type of item (for instance, a character cannot have two weapons, two helmets, two rings, two trinkets, etc. in the same bracket).  • All values of 38 and below are not bracketed.  • Each bracket has a maximum allotment of 3 allocation points. All items are classified as Reserved, Limited, or Unlimited, which determines its allocation budget. Limited and Reserved items each cost 1 allocation point in their bracket, and unlimited items cost 0 allocation points.  • Reserved items also occupy both slots for their assigned value (for instance, Dragonspine Trophy is a reserved item. If it is assigned at value 50, no other item can be assigned at value 50). Below item value 38, this does not apply.  • Secondary items cannot be ranked higher than item value 47, and off-spec items cannot be ranked higher than value 38.  • Classes with multiple viable off-specs must choose to list only one (for instance, a feral druid would choose between caster gear or healing gear, not both).  • Each phase of content has its own dedicated Loot List for all raiding instances in that Phase. Special Considerations: Main tanks will receive a flat +5 bonus to specific threat items that ensure they can effectively do their job, and a +10 bonus to specific mitigation items for the same reason. These bonuses are not reflected on the Loot List; they are handled as-needed based on the requirements of current content.